Draft Workflow

Chipmunk’s Draft Workflow is a powerful tool for collaboratively creating content. It allows you to upload new assets—or revisions to existing assets—as unpublished works in progress called Drafts. Drafts can be assigned to specific team members, commented on, approved as ready for production projects, or rejected outright. Use this for:
  • iterating on a design to get it just right
  • requesting new content from members of your team
  • controlling the content published to your team and available for use

Chipmunk’s Draft Workflow in action

Here's an example use case showing a request for new content, design iteration, an ultimately the publishing of the approved asset.
Sarah selects New draft to create a request for a new logo. She browses to upload a mockup as the draft's file and chooses John as the assignee.
John is alerted to the assignment, sees the open draft when he goes to Drafts, and gets to work. 
Inside the draft he clicks Edit file to upload his work in progress and leaves a comment for Sarah requesting feedback.
Sarah replies and John makes the requested changes and uploads the new version. 
Sarah approves the draft, publishing the asset which is now available for use in the collection chosen when the draft was created.

Getting started with drafts

You’ll find open drafts of new assets in the Drafts tab.

You’ll also find open draft revisions to existing assets there, or you can click on the View draft(s) button when viewing an asset to see its drafts.

Switch between viewing an asset's draft history and the current revision with the   button.

Creating drafts

Select Create as draft in the modal when uploading new content to Chipmunk and a draft of the new content will appear in the Drafts tab. The draft will require approval before appearing in the collection(s) specified when creating the asset or as a revision to the specified asset.

Uploading a file when creating a draft is optional. A file can be uploaded later or replaced before the draft is approved. This is useful for requesting content.

You can optionally add up to 5 assignees to drafts you submit. Assignees will see the pending draft under My Drafts in the Drafts tab and will see the draft assignment in their activity feed on Home in addition to receiving a notification.

You can change assignees at any time by viewing the draft.

Drafts tab

Click on Drafts in the sidebar on the left to view your team’s drafts. 

My drafts

You’ll see all open drafts that were submitted by or assigned to you.

Open drafts

Here, you’ll see all of your team’s drafts that are currently pending approval.

Closed drafts

All of you team’s drafts that have been approved or rejected are here. You’ll also see drafts here that were closed automatically when a newer draft revision for the same asset was approved. Drafts that were closed but not approved can be resubmitted from here.

Click on a draft and you’ll see a preview of it (and, if the draft is a revision to an existing asset, you’ll see a preview of the current revision) as well as any comments that have been left for it at the bottom. You can also click on All activity to see the activity for the draft. Approve or reject using the buttons here.

Editing open drafts

If edits need to be made to an open draft before it can be approved you can do so by heading into the draft.

Note: when viewing a draft revision to an existing asset, editing the title, description, tags, or collections it’s in will affect the live asset. More on updating assets.

If a draft was submitted without a file, you can upload one when viewing the draft by dragging it into the draft or browsing to the file.

If you want to replace the current file for the draft, first click the button and then select the new file. This is useful for iterating on a design.

Approving drafts

For a draft asset, clicking Approve will create the asset and place it in the collection(s) chosen when the draft was uploaded.
For a new revision submitted as a draft, clicking Approve will make that draft’s file the current revision for the asset. You can view previous revisions in the revision history beneath the asset’s description and download or revert back to them at any time. More on previous versions of assets.
When more than one draft revision has been submitted for an asset, approving the newest on will close the rest, but if you approve an older draft, the newer drafts will remain open, pending approval or rejection.
Note: while you may submit a draft that does not yet have a file uploaded, and draft requires a file in order to be approved. More on creating drafts.

Rejecting drafts

Clicking Reject will close the draft. The draft content will not be added to the team and you can find the rejected draft by going to the Drafts tab and clicking on Closed drafts. Rejected drafts can be resubmitted from here.

Reopening and resubmitting drafts

You can click on Closed drafts in the Drafts tab to find drafts that have been rejected, approved, or otherwise closed. You can resubmit or reopen a draft from here, which will create a new open draft with the same content as the closed one.

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