Allowed file types & sizes

You can upload files of any type, up to a size of ~2 GB*, including (but not limited to) the following:
*There is some overhead for metadata when uploading a file, meaning actual limits may vary and are a bit under 2 GB

While any type of file can be uploaded, previews are only supported for certain types. If you aren’t seeing a preview, either

  • we are still converting the file - allow up to a minute for some file types/sizes,
  • we don’t support previews for that file type (see supported file types above), or
  • we do support previews for that file’s size (we limit previews for some types to a size of 100 MB or smaller)
Note: File types that are not currently supported for preview and conversion may still be used for storage and API access.
Looking for support for a specific file type? Get in touch with the link below!

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