Watched content

Watching allows you to control whether or not you’re alerted when an update is made to particular assets or collections. The activity for content you watch is displayed in My feed when on Home.

This activity can include creating new content and editing existing content, as well as assigning, approving, or rejecting drafts. You can switch from My feed to All activity to see all actions performed by members of your team to all content.

Watching content

For assets, you can watch or stop watching by clicking the star next to its title.
For collections, click the star under the description.

Note: watching a collection means you will automatically see actions relevant to any of its items.

You can also watch or stop watching from any activity feed by clicking on the button.


Some actions will result in automatically watching the content you interact with (unless you explicitly unwatch it):
  • Creating a new collection
  • Creating a new asset, draft, or request
  • Uploading a new file to an asset, draft, or request
  • Updating the information for an asset or collection: title, description, or tags
  • Adding an asset, draft, or request to a collection
  • Commenting on a draft, request, or asset’s revision

You’ll also automatically watch any requests or drafts you’re assigned to.

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