Home screen & activity feed

Activity feed on Home

The Home screen shows a feed of your team’s activity. You can choose to view My feed, All activity, or Comments only.

By default, the activity will be filtered to My feed which will show only the activity for collections and assets you’re watching. You automatically watch anything that you create or edit as well as anything assigned to you. 

Hover over the entry in the feed for the activity and click on the menu for the option to unwatch that resource at any time, or head into the asset or collection and click on the star to toggle watched status. More on watching.

All activity shows a timestamped history of all changes including new uploads (both new assets and new revisions to existing assets), updates to asset and collection titles, descriptions, or tags, and other actions like archiving, restoring, and assigning drafts. You’ll also see comments in this feed and you can switch to Comments only if you prefer.

Note: Deleting content will remove previous activity of the content from the feed.

Viewing an asset's activity

When viewing an asset, you’ll also see an activity feed showing the history of changes made to that asset below its revision history. 

This revision will show the activity for just the selected revision. You can toggle Comments only for just those left for the selected revision, or view All activity for all the asset's revisions.

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