If you have any notifications that haven't been viewed yet, you'll see an indicator on the bell in the top right corner. Click the bell to view your notifications.

Clicking on a notification will take you to the asset that was modified and mark the notification as read. You can mark a notification as not read by clicking on the circle that appears when you hover over the notification.

You can also click on the menu above this circle for options to stop watching the asset or to hide this notification.

Chipmunk will notify you when another user performs the following actions on content you are watching:

  • Updates to asset or collection information including titles, descriptions, or tags
  • Adding assets to or removing them from collections
  • Comments on assets
  • Archiving or restoring an asset or collection
  • Adding a new revision to an asset, reverting to an asset’s previous revision, or updating a revision’s file
  • Approving or rejecting a pending draft or reopening or resubmitting a closed one
  • Draft assignment

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