Managing team members

Team owners can add up to 20 total users to their team on our Pro plan, 10 total users on a Plus team, or 3 total users on a Free team. Contact sales for information on Studio solutions for teams of more than 20 users.

To manage your users, click on your name in the upper left corner, select Team Settings from the menu and click on the Manage Users tab.

Here, you’ll see all users on your team, including deactivated ones and any pending invitations.
  • To add a team member, enter their email address under Invite a new user and click Invite user. The user will receive an email asking them to verify their account. We’ll increase your total subscription charge to reflect the new user, including a prorated additional amount for this new user based on the time left in your current subscription period.
  • To deactivate a team member, find them in the list of users and click Deactivate. The user’s access will be revoked within a few minutes and we’ll credit your account a prorated difference for the removed user for the remainder of the current subscription period. Team owners cannot be deactivated.
  • To permanently remove a team member, please Contact Us using the link below with your team ID and the team member’s email address. To preserve a team’s content, removing a team member will not remove their uploaded content or message history, but their name will be set to “Deleted User” and all profile information will be removed. Team owners cannot be removed.

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