I can’t find a version of an asset

Check the asset’s history

Chipmunk stores a record of all activity for an asset including all versions uploaded previously. If there has been more than one revision for an asset you'll see a revision history beneath the description for the asset displaying all previous versions. 

Beneath the revision history you can click on All activity to see a timestamped history of the asset including any new revisions, updates to the asset, and other actions like archiving or restoring.

Check the asset’s drafts

When viewing the asset, you’ll see a   button if any revisions had been previously uploaded to the asset as drafts.

Click this to find a history of drafts uploaded for the asset, including open ones currently pending approval as well as drafts that were approved, rejected, or otherwise closed. More on Chipmunk’s approval workflow.

Using search

Use search to find any revision, asset, or collection on your Chipmunk team. Start your search by clicking into the search bar in the upper right corner or hitting the “/” key.

The search results will include assets and collections with titles, descriptions, or tags matching your search, as well as revisions with matching file names or comments. More on search.

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