Managing public access

Guest access is only available with Chipmunk’s Pro and Plus plans.

Team owners can create guest access links that will give anyone who clicks on them access to all assets uploaded to their Chipmunk team. This access is read-only: guests cannot edit any assets but can download them (including their previous revisions).

Click on the arrow next to your username in the upper left corner, select Team Settings, and then click on Manage Guests.
Here you will see any existing guest links that have been created for your account along with their guest names, if any were supplied. 
  • Click on the trash icon next to existing links to delete them. Allow up to 5 minutes for access to be revoked.
  • Click on a guest link name to edit it.
  • Click the “Add new guest” button to create a new guest link. There is a maximum of 10 guests per team.

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