Using the Chipmunk plugin for Unity

Use the Chipmunk plugin for Unity to automatically sync and import assets stored on Chipmunk into a Unity project. 

Currently supported asset types are:

  • Audio Clips
  • Fonts
  • Models - native Unity model formats, glTF/glb models via a custom importer included in the project, and FBX.
  • Video Clips
  • Scripts (C# and JS only)
  • Text Assets
  • Textures
More on 3D support and allowed file types & sizes.

Download and import

You can download the plugin from the App Center in your Chipmunk account under Plugins and extensions. You'll also find the plugin on GitHub and the Unity Asset Store.

You’ll need an API key to set up the plugin which you can generate in your account. More on generating API keys here.

Once you've imported the plugin, head to Project Settings > Chipmunk and enter your key, secret and team name.

See our Unity Version Compatibility chart for more information on compatibility.

Importing assets

Using the Assets menu or project window menu, navigate to Create > Chipmunk and pick the type of asset you’d like to import. You’ll see information fields for a new asset appear in the inspector.
Using a browser, navigate to the uploaded asset in Chipmunk. Click on the Share button and copy that link. Paste the link into the Asset URL field in the Chipmunk Asset’s inspector.
You’ll see Import Automatically is checked. This means that changes made to the asset in Chipmunk, such as new revisions, will import into the Unity project. For now, it is highly recommended to keep these checked, as manual import workflows are still work-in-progress. In the future, you’ll be able to uncheck these and manually control the timing of asset import.
By default, the File Type will be set to Original, which will retain the asset’s type upon import.

Converting to different file types

On-demand file conversion is only available for images and for converting FBX files to GLB, though other formats are in development. For these, changing File Type from Original will automatically convert it to the type you select.


For formats besides images and FBX models, changing File Type to another type will result in an error, which you can resolve by changing it back to its original type.

Importing a mismatched asset type, or updating an asset’s file type to a type that does not match the asset type will result in undefined behavior. In the future, there will be warnings and errors to safeguard against incompatible formats.

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