VR/AR & 3D model support

Chipmunk supports previewing 3D models for VR, AR, and XR applications on any device.

Supported formats

You can upload files of any type (up to a size of ~2 GB*) and preview the following 3D formats in Chipmunk: 
*There is some overhead for metadata when uploading a file, meaning actual limits may vary and are a bit under 2 GB.

Press the Play button on the preview for the model to load it. You can manipulate the model in the preview and can toggle fullscreen in the lower right corner of the preview.

Uploading 3D model files

Follow the below guides when uploading 3D files:

Unity plugin

You can use the Chipmunk plugin for Unity to sync the assets you store and manage on your Chipmunk team with a Unity project in order to import new or updated ones into Unity automatically. 
Any 3D model that Unity supports can be synced with Unity using the plugin, even if not previewable in Chipmunk on the web.

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