Uploading FBX models to Chipmunk

Chipmunk supports models uploaded in the Autodesk FBX format, a format mostly used for interchange between Autodesk products, most game engines, and other tools.

Most FBX files are supported, but we recommend using the following guidelines:

  • Older FBX models are supported, but we recommend creating models with the 2018.1 format.
  • Models over 100 megabytes will not be displayed on the web at this time.
  • Embedded media must be enabled.
  • At this time, we only support a single material per mesh. Multi-mapped (“layered” materials) are not supported at this time.
  • Only PNG or JPG textures are supported at this time.
  • Animations are not previewable, but are baked into converted models. For this reason, we recommend not exporting them if the primary use is for web preview, to keep model sizes small.
  • For an accurate representation of content using physically-based rendering, materials must be in the Stingray PBS format. To create these shaders, we recommend using Maya or Maya LT. Guides can be found here:
  • For Stingray PBS, a metal-roughness workflow must be used. Materials should be set up with the following maps:
    • Albedo (RGB)
    • Metallic (0.0-1.0)
    • Roughness (0.0-1.0)
  • Other texture maps are supported:
    • Emissive map and constants
    • Occlusion map
    • Normal map

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