Slack integration

Team owners can add our Slack integration to their team to get notifications in Slack for the following actions:

  • Uploading a new asset
  • Modifying an existing asset
    • Changes to title & description
    • Uploading a new revision
    • Commenting on a revision
    • Archiving or restoring a revision
  • Creating a new collection
  • Modifying an existing collection
    • Changes to title & description
    • Adding an asset to a collection
    • Archiving or restoring a collection
  • Draft Workflow updates
    • Creating or modifying drafts
    • Draft assignment
    • Approval or rejection

Notifications will display a description of the activity and will include links to the asset or collection in question as well as a button that takes you straight to the share link for the resource. 

You’ll also see buttons to download (or first convert to another file type) in notifications regarding uploaded files.

Setting up the integration

Click on the arrow next to you name in your Chipmunk account. Select Team Settings and click on the Add to Slack button.

Here, you'll authorize access, choosing the channel you'd like for the notifications.

Once the integration is set up, you can configure or remove it in the future under Team Settings.

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