Earn more storage by inviting your friends

Refer friends to create their own Chipmunk team and both of you get free storage space.

Note: people you refer will have access to your email address, your team’s name, and your team’s ID.

Who can I refer?

You can invite anyone who is not already an account owner on a Chipmunk team to create their own team.
This means you can invite someone who is a member of a team (including yourself) as long as that user has not signed up to create any Chipmunk teams before.
You will not earn a referral for inviting users to join a team - only for inviting them to create their own team.

What do you mean by account owner?

An account owner is the person who initially signed up to create a Chipmunk team. This could mean they are the only person on the team, or they have invited others to join their team.

What do I get?

If you’re on our Free plan, you and the friend you refer each get 1 GB of space. If you’re on our Pro or Plus plans, you and the friend you refer each get 2 GB of space.
Earn a maximum of up to 32 GB (Free plan) or 64 GB (Pro/Plus) through referrals (not including a bonus received for accepting a referral yourself).

How do I refer a friend?

  • Click on Get Free Storage in the sidebar when logged into your Chipmunk account.
  • Copy your referral link to give to your friend, or enter their email address here to send them an invite. 
  • Once your friend visits that link and signs up, both you and your friend will unlock additional storage.
Please do not attempt to hide or disguise a referral link. We reserve the right to suspend the referral program or even the Chipmunk account of any teams caught spamming or abusing referral links. 

How do I accept a referral?

  • Go to the referral link and sign up for a Chipmunk team.
  • Make sure you click on that specific referral link first before signing up to ensure you're automatically awarded the bonus storage.

I was sent a referral but don't recognize the sender

Please Contact Us using the link below if this happens so we can look into it.

Can I disable the referral program for my team?

Yes. Please Contact Us using the link below and we will disable the referral program for you.

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