Using search

Click into the search bar in the upper right corner to search your team’s content. 

Pressing the “/” hotkey anywhere in the app will open the search bar, searching all content.
Search results can include assets and collections with titles, descriptions or tags matching your search, as well as revisions with matching file names or comments. 
By default, archived assets and collections won’t appear in search results; however, revisions and comments on archived assets will appear.
Pressing the “F” hotkey anywhere in the app will open the search bar and filter your search automatically based on where you are. The checkboxes at the top of your search results control these filters.
  • Filters All Collections to show collections only
  • Filters All Assets to show assets only
  • Filters a collection to just results inside that collection
Clicking on a search result will bring you to that resource and clicking “View more…” will take you to a list of matching results for that content type, filtered for your search term. Click the  button to remove the filter.

Advanced search options

  • Enclose the full search term in quotes (e.g. “chipmunk logo”) to find exact matches only.
  • Wildcard search characters * and ? are supported:
    • Use * to match 0 or more characters. This can be used to find all files of a certain type. For example, searching *.png would find all uploaded revisions that are PNG files.
    • Use ? to match exactly 1 character. For example, searching version?.psd will find all revisions with file names starting with “version,” followed by any single character, that are PSD files, as in version5.psd. 

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