Updating drafts and requests

When you’re creating a new asset or adding a new revision to an existing asset, you can check the option to Create as draft. Drafts require approval, ensuring consistent use of a particular version of content by teams.

Open drafts can be Approved or Rejected, and closed drafts can be Reopened or Resubmitted. More on Chipmunk's Draft Workflow.

Editing an open draft or request

If edits need to be made to an open draft before approval, you can make changes by viewing the draft directly.

  • If it’s an open draft of a new asset, including requests, you can find it in the Drafts tab. 
  • You’ll find draft revisions to existing assets including requests here as well, and you can also find them by heading into the asset and clicking the button.
Note: when viewing a draft revision to an existing asset, editing the title, description, tags, or collections it’s in will affect the live asset. More on updating assets.

If a draft was submitted as a request for content, you can upload a file to fulfill the request when viewing the draft by dragging it into the draft or browsing to the file. More on fulfilling requests.

If you want to replace the current file for the draft, first click the button and then select the new file. This is useful for iterating on a design.

All files uploaded are recorded in and can be downloaded from the revision's activity history. You’ll see all comments left for the draft here as well.

You’ll see that the draft revision’s name is the name of the file uploaded. While the draft is open, you can change this name by clicking on it.

Note: changing the file extension in the revision's name will affect the file downloaded from Chipmunk and also potentially the preview displayed in Chipmunk.  

Submitting multiple drafts for an asset

You can have multiple draft revisions open on a single asset. This can be used to submit multiple options or variations that you’d like the approver to choose from.

Start by uploading one file to the open, empty draft following the instructions above. Then, click the button in the top right corner of the draft, and add the next file, making sure Create as draft remains checked. 

Toggle Create draft revision to Create and upload another so that the upload window remains open if you’re uploading many files at once.

You can view an asset’s open drafts as well as ones that were previously approved, rejected or otherwise closed by clicking the button.

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