Adding a new revision to an asset

As changes are made to an asset, you can upload the new file as a revision to the asset in Chipmunk. 

Uploading a new revision

To update the content for an asset, head into it and click the button in the top right corner, or drag the new file (or files) directly into the asset.

This new file will replace the current file for the asset.

You can see a timeline of the asset’s revisions in its revision history, which shows all versions uploaded previously and allows you to revert back to them at any time. More on previous versions of an asset.

Creating a new revision as a draft

Revisions can optionally be uploaded as drafts, requiring approval before they go live, by checking "Create as draft." More on creating a revision as a draft and Chipmunk's Draft Workflow.

You can view an asset’s open drafts as well as ones that were previously approved, rejected or otherwise closed by clicking the button.

Requesting updates to an existing asset

You can also submit a new revision to request changes to an existing asset. To do so, create a new revision as a draft, leaving the file blank. Once submitted, you can comment on the requested revision to provide specifications for fulfilling it. More on requesting content.

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