Converting files

You can convert assets of some file types to other common types in Chipmunk.

Supported conversions

Image files can be converted to the following types:
  • PostScript – .eps
  • Adobe Portable Document Format – .pdf
  • Graphics Interchange Format – .gif
  • Tagged Image File Format – .tiff
  • JPEG Image – .jpg
  • Portable Pixmap Format – .ppm
  • Portable Network Graphics – .png
  • Scalable Vector Graphics – .svg
  • WebP Image – .webp
For  3D formats, Chipmunk supports converting Autodesk FBX files to GLB.

Converting in Chipmunk

When viewing an asset, click the button under the preview of the asset and select Convert to… to see what file types it can be converted to. 
You can start typing and matching formats will autocomplete.
After selecting the desired file type and clicking Convert, you’ll see a notification in the lower left corner showing the conversion in progress. Once finished, you can click the button here to download the file.
You will also see the Convert to... option in your activity feed and in an asset’s Additional options menu when viewing its thumbnail.

Troubleshooting conversions

Most conversions won’t take more than a few seconds, but some will take longer. If the conversion times out, you’ll see a message in the conversion notification as well as a Retry button. Click Retry to try the conversion again. If you’re still having trouble, click on the link below to contact us and let us know.
Note: If you choose “Convert to…” for an asset and only see the option to convert to its original format, no conversion is supported at this time for that file type. If there is a conversion you’d like to see supported, please get in touch using the link below.

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